Sunday, April 22, 2007

References on bullshit

As you can see, Canadians have not been slouches when it comes to publishing on bullshit. I think McLuhan is out and Frankfurt (On Bullshit) is in. Or to put it another way, while we were focusing on the medium, the message turned into bullshit. At any rate, bullshit studies have become respectable and popular.

References: On Canadian Excellence on Bullshit.

1. McCallum, John S. 2005 Viewpoint - On Bullshit is not bullshit, Ivey Business Journal, Sept/Oct, 2005, 1-3. (on the Internet)

2. Penny, Laura 2005 Your Call is Important to Us: the Truth About Bullshit, Crown, New York

3. Richardson, Alan Performing bullshit and the post-sincere condition, pp 83- 97 in Bullshit and Philosophy - guaranteed to get perfect results every time, edited by Hardcastle, G.L. and G.A. Reisch 2006, Open Court, Chicago & Lasalle, Illionois


Spokesthingy said...

An additional Canadian reference which is really worth a read is:

Macintosh, Norman B. Accounting - Truth, Lies, or Bullshit? A philosophical investgation, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada (on Internet)

Spokesthingy said...

Another Canadian reference that should be included here is:

Lecours, Pierre; Gilles Paquet, 2006, Communication and Ethics: How to Scheme Virtuously, Optimum online, Vol. 36, Issue 2, pp.

Spokesthingy said...

My own first contribution:

Riedel, GW "Bill", On the field of bullshit, The Gateway Online, Tuesday, 30 October 2007